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    Add MyLinks Automation Wizard pop   Hits: 4726 | Rating: 5.40 | Votes: 5
    Automation Wizard A very useful tool which enables you to browse your include files and libraries to simplify generating test cases.
    22-Mar-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks AutomationExpertise SilkTest Library pop   Hits: 6531 | Rating: 6.57 | Votes: 7
    AutomationExpertise SilkTest Library Another great SilkTest library, this one is by John Green of Automation Expertise(http://www.automationexpertise.com). This library contains the following functions: keyboard, datetime, listview, branch and clickitems.
    7-Oct-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks SilkTest Scenario Testing Library pop   Hits: 3586 | Rating: 9.50 | Votes: 2
    SilkTest Scenario Testing Library A great piece of artistic software by John Green of Automation Expertise (http://www.automationexpertise.com). It enables you to design and run scenarios using SilkTest.
    7-Oct-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks SilkTest vs WinRunner comparison pop   Hits: 27310 | Rating: 5.48 | Votes: 21
    SilkTest vs WinRunner comparison This document describes the differences between SilkTest and WinRunner. It was written by Terry Horwath in cooperation with John Green of automationexpertise.com It can be downloaded also from: http://www.automationexpertise.com/resources.asp
    11-Jul-2000 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks 4Test Formatting Word Macro   Hits: 2121 | Rating: 8.00 | Votes: 1
    4Test Formatting Word Macro A helpfull Word 97 macro which enables you to print your code with line numbers. Now version 0.2 allows you to view comments in green.
    15-Feb-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks Datatect   Hits: 1936 | Rating: 9.00 | Votes: 1
    Datatect Datatect for SILKTest generates all test data and 4test components.
    1-May-2001 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks Dictionary Or Associative array Class   Hits: 2574 | Rating: 9.86 | Votes: 7
    Dictionary Or Associative array Class Encapsulates data in an associative array. Where the key (which must be a string) is the index to the data (of anytype). This class is serializable (can be stored to a file or read from one), and contains all methods for storage, and retrieval of key value pairs. Developed by Rick Weth.
    7-Dec-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks File Information Functions   Hits: 1667 | Rating: 8.50 | Votes: 2
    File Information Functions Using Functions to Get and Set File Attributes, and File Last Modified Date/Time Values. These functions are developed by AJ Alhait of BetaSoft, please report problems/bugs to: Dev@BetaSoft.com. Currently there is a bug of false values on 95/98, but works fine under NT.
    22-Nov-1998 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks ftpClass for 4Test   Hits: 1288 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 1
    ftpClass for 4Test FTP class for 4Test. Adds FPT methods to the 4Test launguage. It does all the basics (directory get/set, file get/put, file delete/rename, ftp connect/close).
    4-Sep-2001 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks Get File Version   Hits: 1504 | Rating: 9.14 | Votes: 7
    Get File Version This DLL has a GetFileVers Function which enables you to get the version of a file such as a DLL. Author: Rick Weth
    31-Mar-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks GetError()   Hits: 1859 | Rating: 8.50 | Votes: 8
    GetError() A helpful functions that returns a current message box error and closes the message box window. by Roee Rubin
    13-Dec-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks INI File Functions   Hits: 1722 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0
    INI File Functions A couple of functions: IniWrite () and IniRead () to make reading and writing to ini files easier.
    17-Nov-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
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