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    Add MyLinks dllHTML.dll   Hits: 1145 | Rating: 1.00 | Votes: 1
    dllHTML.dll Creates a HTML formatted result file (Old Version 1.0 - No Frames)
    25-Jan-2002 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks EMOS FRAMEWORK   Hits: 271 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0
    Welcome Thank you for showing interest in EMOS FRM, the simple test framework for WinRunnerŪ.
    30-Sep-2005 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks EMOS FRAMEWORK   Hits: 442 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0
    EMOS FRAMEWORK Framework for winrunner for Regresssion tests. Using Excel tables in a special manner (Vertical) and blocks for reusable functions build in testsuits. Advanced technic that has an efficient logic and used in many high financial areas.
    26-Feb-2005 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks ErrorMessages   Hits: 2095 | Rating: 7.00 | Votes: 2
    ErrorMessages To reduce the number of times I had to look up a particular error message, and to make my error reporting more detailed I created these two functions: CreateErrorMessageArray() - Creates an array of WinRunner standard error messages (i.e, E_OK, E_GENERAL_ERROR). GetErrorMessage() - Looks up the error code, and retrieves the text message (i.e., -10001 = E_GENERAL_ERROR)
    30-Nov-1999 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks Function Manager for WinRunner   Hits: 1961 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 6
    Function Manager for WinRunner The Function Manager allows you to fully organize and document your WinRunner Function Libraries through a graphical interface. Instantly generate WinHelp files and Function Generator Code to document your functions, and use the full-featured built-in editor to quickly make modifications. You can even integrate your WinHelp files with the TSL Help file to provide context-sensitive lookup of custom functions from within WinRunner.
    29-May-2003 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks GUI Changes Tracking Package + set of TSL librarys   Hits: 873 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0
    GUI Changes Tracking Package + set of TSL librarys GUI Changes Tracking Package: A set of TSL compiled modules, DLL and an utility allowing you to track changes in your Application Under Test GUI. Set of TSL librarys: A large set of TSL compiled modules (some are of my authorship, others were downloaded from MI CSO site) that I used most commonly in my 2-year practice as WinRunner scripts developer. All copyrights are reserved and are listed in readme file, included in package.
    4-Feb-2004 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
    Add MyLinks IE Helper 1.0   Hits: 747 | Rating: 3.50 | Votes: 2
    A QTP com library to help perform certian actions like delete cookie, history, session
    15-Nov-2005 Rate It! | Add MyLinks
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